• 2024 Great Falls Fire Within Aspire Award Winner

    This year was the 13th annual Fire Within Awards Ceremony in central Montana. This award celebrates women entrepreneurs and business leaders. I had the honor and privilege of being one of this year's Aspire Award recipients.

  • We Provide

    We enjoy attending craft shows throughout Montana and meeting individuals all across our beautiful state. Meeting people around Montana reminds us why we are proud to be, "Made in Montana."

  • Community Outreach

    As our business grows, we love to give back to our community by blessing those around us with a fundraiser we like to call, Operation Beanies for Bravery. After donating beanies to a Montana Army Reserve Unit who are currently defending our freedom overseas, we have set our sights on donating beanies to patients battling cancer.

  • Our Team

    I'm Kari and this is my husband, Jesse; we're the team behind Cultivating Wild Roots. We make the perfect duo with me being the creative one and him being business minded. Our goal is to create warm, inviting items to cultivate a calm, peaceful lifestyle.

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