Best Craft Room Organization Tool

Best Craft Room Organization Tool

Have you ever needed just the right tool for a project? 

The Struggle

For a few months, I struggled to find a solution for my craft room yarn storage. See, I needed to make the storage work for my specific area. Years ago, we built shelves in the closet of my craft room, and I didn't want to take those out and pay more money to have beautiful cubbies. 


Roy G. Biv

I knew that I wanted a colorful yarn wall that was organized in the classic Roy G. Biv (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) style. The "Rainbow Method" craze that Clea and Joanna started on The Home Edit, really spoke to my visual esthetic; just like this bookcase that my friend and I organized. 


A Solution

I researched all over the internet for a creative, unique way to visually store my yarn to bring a sense of beauty to my craft room. The best, most cost effective way for our space was going to be collapsable storage bins. The problem was that the average ones are too small for my shelving layout. Then, I found the perfect sized ones on Amazon (13"x 15"x 13"), which will maximize the space on my shelving unit.

BONUS: If you have an Ikea Kallax unit, these fit perfectly!



For You

These storage bins are made of beautiful canvas fabric, with shiny metal side handles. They are sturdy and yet elegant for any area of your home. I believe they'd, not only be just right for your craft areas, but also in the toy room, laundry room, and entryways.

Not to mention, almost all reviews are 5-Star! 

Here is the Amazon link for these lovely bins, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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